All That Glitters Is In Fact Gold

While it is common knowledge that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, let’s face it, if it is shiny and glittery, we love it. Gold jewelry of any kind sets every girl’s heart aflutter and that is fact.

Getting into the game of selling jewelry is not an easy nut to crack. The items are costly and if not priced right, you simply won’t sell as quickly as you need to. With so many jewelry stores on the block these days, competition is stiff and you really need to know who to use as a supplier and how to purchase in order to make it to the top of the pack.

I found this out first hand. I recently ventured into starting my own jewelry store but soon realized the cost-implications of selling expensive jewelry and feared running at a loss and losing what I had worked so hard to start. I began to explore the market and found that fewer and fewer people actually have excess income to spend on jewelry that is costly, however, they still want to wear something that appears as if it did cost an arm and a leg. Vanity is the downfall of many.

This was a market I could tap into and I began to feverishly search for alternatives. Of course I wanted a cheaper product but I didn’t want to lessen the beauty or value for money I was dishing out to my customers. Wholesale gold filled jewelry supplies were my lifesaver during a difficult period where it really could have gone either way.

I ordered my first shipment and stocked my glass shelves. The pieces were exquisite and I was able to price them at affordable rates which made them appealing to the general populace.

I had found my niche and my customers have never been happier. Note to self; remember Mr. Green is looking for something elegant for his wife for their anniversary next week.